MDPL is a six-year-old nonprofit dedicated to fostering writing and storytelling. Our mission is to provide young writers in the Denver area with a supportive community and creative opportunities to express themselves through writing. We achieve this by offering free monthly workshops, exciting fundraising events, intensive & expeditionary summer camps, and the opportunity to publish student work. By participating in our workshops and camps, these young writers have been able to gain exposure to theater, history, art, and songwriting through collaborations with other like-minded organizations.

In Back Space at Metropolis Coffee, MDPL now offers young writers a local place for writing workshops, summer camps, after school tutoring, and other special events. Future endeavors may include volunteers to assist writing teachers in their classrooms or other school programming; and publication opportunities outside of our current offerings (for workshops and summer camps). We hope to connect a community of writers and readers, of all ages, in Denver.

1 South Broadway, Denver 80209